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 TITRONIC 500-자동 농도 조절 장치
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  Piston Burettes - TITRONIC 500  



- 호환 가능한 dosing module


    - 쉽고 정확한 자동 Dosing and Titrating system  
    - 정밀 유리 실린더 사용으로 0.15%이내 Dosing가능  
    - 마우스 Click으로 최소 0.01ml의 적정 가능
    - 장비 자체 쉬운 판독과 PC및 프린터 연결로 측정과 동시에 Data 관리 가능
  *Technical data  

 1x USB-A and 1 x USB-B  

 2 x RS-232-C

  Stirrer connection
 TM 50 power supply directly through piston   burette
  the unit is operated using the keys on the   devices itself, the controller TZ 3880 and   optional PC-keyboard(USB)
  Voume display
  00.00 ... 999.9ml
  Display resolution   00.002-0.01 ml (depending on dosing unit)
  Dosing speed
  max. 100ml/min (with 50ml unit)
  Filling time
  30s to 999s adjustable
  Pre-titrating volume   0.1 ...99.99 ml
  Increment volume   0.01 ... 999.99 ml
  Waiting time between the increment
  0.1 ... 999.9s
  Cylinder   5, 10, 20 and 50 ml DURAN bolosilicate glass
  cylinder with UV protection sleeve
  Burette resolution   1/8,000
  Dosing accuracy   0.15% in relation to the nominal volume
  Housing material   PP and polyflamm RPP 371 NT, 20%
  talcum polyester
  Dimension   15.3 X 45 X 29.6 (WxHxD) without stirrer
  Weight   approx. 2.2 kg without bottle
  External mains connection   230V, 50/60Hz or 115V, 50/60 Hz